Imprinted On Our Brain

I still remember vividly where I was and what I was doing on another November 22 some 56 years ago.

And there was 9/11/2001 (can you believe 18 years ago now?).

Some people remember the day vividly when they met Jesus. Or their spouse-to-be.

I don’t remember the first time I began the contemplative life. But I have imprinted experiences along the way.

Sometimes scientists studying animal life talk of imprinting desired actions in the brains of young.

We all have certain ways of thinking and acting imprinted in our brains by our parents (do you walk the same way your mother walked?) or more likely by our peers.

Many of these we need to grow beyond and set aside in the quest for maturity.

I can look back and see the way I was at 17 and the way I am now and marvel at the changes mostly due to self-awareness that comes from spiritual disciplines of contemplation and meditation with a feedback loop from deep study of spiritual things.

I hope you are all growing past those youthful thoughts and actions into a changed and more mature direction.

The tricky thing is retaining the energy and enthusiasm of our youth and integrating with a more humble and wiser life.

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