Do Unto Others

…as you would have them do unto you.

Or refrain from doing to others that which you would not like them doing to you.

This is individual to individual; but it also can be group to group; country to country.

When you have made things theoretical, a universal law of sorts, when you live in generalizations…

Then you are free to not practice the Golden Rule or its inverse the Silver Rule.

When I make it a theory that a certain group of people are outside my preferred grouping, then I am free to treat them exactly the opposite of how I wish to be treated.

Take white people’s treatment of black people, for example. Or “straight” people’s treatment of “gay” people. Or men’s treatment of women.

Jesus, for example, took the Jewish tribal law (which by the way was most likely derived from a more ancient law) and applied it generally for individuals of any group toward individuals of any another group.

Living a with-God life is not intellectual or theory. It is lived minute-by-minute, person-to-person in the hard realities of daily life.

We are judged on how we treat each individual person by our actions or policies. Not by being holier than some other group. When we recognize the struggle other people go through and provide help–that is the Golden Rule. It lies not in pointing fingers at others.

One Response to “Do Unto Others”

  1. Mike Wagner Says:

    This is a timely and important message in time of division and strife.

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