Younger Voices

The door opened behind me to the room where the small group I lead meets. Then it closed. She was looking for someplace specific–and not us. One of the women in class commented, “She is probably too young for this group.”

I thought, “It would be good for us to have some younger voices.”

Look at our national political scene. Most likely the Republicans will run with someone even older than I. The leading Democrats are also older than me except one who is about the same age. Can’t the Boomers let go and let some younger voices enter? We’ve certainly screwed things up enough over the past 30 years or so.

I had a dream the other night. I was at another engineering conference. There were the usual old white guys–smart, but often set in their ways. The scene flipped to a chorus of kids (like 10 years old in my dream) offering a myriad of new approaches and ideas to problems.

Most likely Jesus was only 30 when his ministry began. Most likely John (the apostle) was still in his teens. The other guys were young guys, too.

They changed the world.

I still learn and have ideas. But it’s refreshing to listen to younger voices and remember the struggles of figuring it all out.

It’s time.

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