What? Me Worry?

Mad Magazine’s mascot was Alfred E. Neuman. He ran for president in 1968. He got votes. He’s a cartoon character. And you thought today’s politics were goofy.

His motto was, “What? Me worry?”

Actually, that’s not bad advice.

Jesus once said, “Why worry? Will you add a minute to your life by worrying?”

I hear conversations often speculating about one thing or another about heaven or hell. We don’t know. We can parse through all the writings collected as the Bible and only have hints.

Will worrying about all that add anything to your life?

In school, I was told about the medieval Scholastics arguing about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.


There is enough to do to just live this minute trying to do our best. Worrying won’t help.

Maybe if we just chill.

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