Jesus’ One Command to Us

Jesus left his followers with one commandment, or practice as we might say, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

The Spiritual Practice is anchored in Jesus–not Abraham, or Moses, or the Law and the Prophets, not the “New Testament” (since it wouldn’t exist for another 300+ years).

This makes commitment to following Jesus a serious business.

I’ve been studying the Enneagram again. I dove into it 25 years or so ago. It is useful for understanding how we can each develop into a more fully integrated personality.

For this topic, I was just studying Enneagram Ones. (Ennea being 9, there are 9 types numbered from 1 to 9.) According to the research, Ones consider doing love as doing things for someone else. They may seldom say anything or touch or similar. But as they do little acts of service, that is their expression of love.

That is surely one of the many things Jesus had in mind when he told us the greatest commandment is to love, since God is love.

Go and do likewise.

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