What Do You Feed Your Mind

I admit it. Proudly. I’m Gary and I’m a supplement taker.

I acquired a daily packet of supplements from a company that I trusted for years. Vitamins, minerals, herbs–stuff to make up for deficiencies in the food I eat. Then the company sold its supplement business. I just switched to Athletic Greens. This is not an endorsement, more like a testimonial. I’m happy with the results of what I’m feeding my body.

I try to avoid sugary (autospell just changed that to surgery, well I try to avoid that, too) foods. Sometimes at the coffee house I am tempted by a donut, sometimes I succumb. It is never as good as my imagination.

I opened my phone this morning. The only time it’s first thing is during soccer season when I want to catch up on which referee is requesting a game or who is turning back a game. However, I found out that today is National Techie Day, and my friends at Hewlett Packard Enterprise wondered what I thought was an appropriate way to celebrate.

Worse, I check out Jon Swanson’s post. I discover that I missed National Son/Daughter Day. Now my son/daughter will think I don’t love them because I didn’t post on Facebook. Curses, Facebook.

This leads to thoughts of what I feed my mind. I try to feed my mind nutritious thoughts and ideas. With occasional treats of murder mysteries or other fiction. Not much TV.

I use Twitter and LinkedIn for business communication. I use them; I try not to let them use me. It’s easy to get caught up into endless scrolling. I’m trying to cut Facebook out of my life. It’s like the sugary treat–it plays with your emotions so that you’ll want more.

What do you feed your body? What do you feed your mind? Both require solid nutrition or they will grow flabby.

Now, on to the important problem–how do I celebrate National Techie Day today?

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