Predicting The Future

Here in west Ohio this Spring was very wet. Standing water everywhere. Everyone predicted an infestation of mosquitoes this summer.

I work outside on the patio (thank you inventors of WiFi) all summer. Saw maybe one mosquito.

It doesn’t even work always for the same or next day. “Red sun in morning, sailors take warning; red sun at night, sailors delight.”

The ancient Hebrews studied their writings searching for predictions. But, they missed all the contemporary ones–such as Jeremiah and others going around saying, “If you continue doing this, then that will happen.” They did; it did.

The first Christians were the same. Searching for signs of the second coming and the end of the world. It got so bad that even the apostle Paul had to tell them to go back to work. They would need to eat until the Day of the Lord came.

Now, people over here in west Ohio are predicting that after a very wet Spring and a very hot and dry summer (which, by the way is still with us into what should be Autumn), we will have a cold and stormy winter.

I don’t know. I prefer to just take one day at a time. If the rapture comes, it comes. If it snows, I go out and hike in the beauty of the quiet whiteness of nature.

There is discipline in not worrying about tomorrow. Just live in the moment doing what walking with God requires of me.

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