Be Kind

Be kind.

How hard can that be?

I saw a conversation thread on Twitter last night. The camera was pointed straight down at the legs of two people in an airplane. There were the woman’s legs squeezed against the outside arm of the seat. There was a blue-jeaned clad leg pushing against her leg.

Seems the guy sat in the middle seat, immediately slouched, his knees seeking space spread out into the seat space of his neighbors. The woman was, quite appropriately grossed out.

She asked, “Could you please move your legs back into your space?”

He replied, “What, you have a problem?”

Suggestions on the thread ran from calling the flight attendant to accidentally spilling a hot coffee to kicking him. Flights today are often filled, so moving is seldom an option.

Who raised that guy?

Be kind and considerate of others.

How hard can that be?

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