The World Sometimes Is Both-And

Some people present us with two propositions. Many times these people are called politicians. Other times preachers. Or just the guy down the street.

They tell us that it’s either this or that.

Then we all fall into that trap.

But sometimes or even often the answer is both this AND that.

We can do both. And it is good.

The earliest Christ-followers had faith. And they gathered together into their own group. And they sang worship songs. And they prayed for themselves.

Then James came along and said, wait a minute. We were not made to just sit around in our own little group singing our songs.

We also need to serve others. Physically. Get off our butts and help the widows and orphans and those in needs.

And to this day 2,000 years later, we still have people with too much time on their hands and too much caffeine in their brains who debate either faith or works.

But James didn’t say that.

He said that you start with a foundation of faith. Without that, you will find yourself drifting. But he said in addition to faith, or maybe because of your faith, you need to get out and serve others. Physically. Not just a throw-away comment, “I’ll pray for you.” No, it’s getting out and doing.

Both-and, not either-or. Yet, I read a book by some learned scholar recently still arguing the points. To which I say, get a life, get out of your study, go on a mission trip.

And if you really want to get creative, sometimes the answer is neither but a third way.

I would like that choice often in elections.

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