Too Brittle To Bend

Carol Dweck, author and psychologist, talked about her freshman psych course at Stanford. “Kids today are brittle; they are exhausted and anxious because they need to maintain their perfect record.”

We, the boomer generation, created that in our kids. And it is transferring down.

The pressure is on. From age 4 to get into the right preschool. Then into the right kindergarten. And the right elementary leading to the right high school and then the right university. All for what?

Not all those kids succeed. Many are neurotic messes.




Those are the exact opposite of the spiritual life.

Flexible, yielding without breaking, go with the flow yet with a strong core.

Refreshed, energetic, ready to go out and solve problems yet also enjoy live.

Calm, able to take time aside in stillness, at peace.

If you were choosing, what would you choose?

I went from the first to the second. How about you?

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