The Joy of Discovery

What if…

What if, we taught history and politics and other social “sciences” through reading stories of men and women and discussing their life and times?

We could, from a very young age teach reading, writing, thinking, oh, and history and politics and how people lived and organized their lives.

What if, we taught math and science not in some Aristotelian logical breakdown of facts but instead by following the trail of problems they were trying to solve and how they went about solving them.

And we learn numbers and measurements and functions. I learned more trigonometry through model rocketry than from the class in school.

What if, we taught spiritual development not through rote memorization of Scripture only, but through the joy of discovery of life in the spirit by people in scripture as well as people from the first century until now.

What if we inculcated the joy of discovery, of solving big problems, of thinking, of communicating, of curiosity into the very structure of education?

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