That word presented itself last evening without further explanation. Just the feeling I should meditate on what it means.

Maybe it’s that feeling that we need to tell other people what to do.

Sometimes that comes from a profession. Teachers, for example, have an entire professional life composed of organizing and leading students. The younger the student the more they need to be told what to do.

Managers often see it as their duty to tell people what to do. Maybe because they, in turn, have managers holding them responsible for everything their direct reports do. And so on up the chain of command.

My other “career” is soccer official. And counselor. I’ve had officials who approach a game as all about them. I have to bring them down to earth.

Humility is thinking of others first.

For many of us depending mostly on upbringing this is a difficult attitude to adopt. I am positive that many people never even realize how self-centered they are.

Except for the few who learned this as a child, the rest of us must first learn self-awareness. Aware that we have been focusing on the wrong person, us, we then learn to listen. This comes before humility.

The ability to see others as also children of God with their own set of needs and emotions leads to changing our own attitude away from basking in our own glory and focusing on the other.

It becomes a sort of mantra–It’s not all about me; others have needs, too.

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