Root Cause Analysis

Prominent in my news feeds lately are reports about the attacks on capitalism, or maybe corporations, or democratic capitalism (reporters search for new phrases in a feeble attempt to keep the story fresh).

Reporters whose memories are as long lasting as the last story neglect to inform people that these attacks and criticisms in the US date back at least to the 1870s.

Many times in my career I’ve been the “numbers guy” who tracks costs and rolls up to sales price in the hope that we’ll make a profit–not so we could gouge people, but so we could stay in business for another year and all of us have jobs.

It’s not necessarily profits and corporations that are evil.

Digging deeper into what in engineering we call root cause analysis, we will find the root cause. Humans knew this cause more than 3,000 years ago. We know because we can read text at least that old.

It’s the people running those corporations “maximizing” profits due to:




Quest for power

These people reflect the values of the Roman Empire that Jesus overturned. Therefore Jesus’ favorite saying, “You have heard it said, but I say unto you…”

You have heard it said it’s all about “survival of the fittest”, but I say unto you “love one another.”

We just keep missing the point. And the mark.

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