When A Habit Becomes A Way of Life

The headline of the opinion piece in this morning’s local newspaper said, “What We Need Is Good Old Fashioned Decency.”

That is a good sentiment.

But, how?

My thoughts reflected back to yesterday’s podcast wherein three computer nerds discussed Repetitive Strain Injuries–and how to prevent and/or deal with them.

Bear with me a moment.

A quick search on the Web will turn up numbers of quick-fix remedies for RSI. Products. Opinions.

As one of the guys said, I hate to say this, but it’s just like health and fitness. You make a habit of eating nutritious food and getting some exercise daily. Toss out sodas, both regular and diet. Toss out processed foods with the wrong type of calories. Get up and start walking.

With RSI, begin with proper ergonomics, for example, when typing the angle of your arms at the elbow should be greater than or equal to 90 degrees. Take breaks (the Pomodoro technique, for example, 25 minutes of intense work and 5 minute break). Find a trainer and work out to strengthen the appropriate muscles. There are a couple of Yoga poses that help alleviate the situation.

Back to decency. Remember that? It’s where we started.

We can’t wave a magic wand or pass a law and instantaneously create a culture of decency.

We get into the habit of appropriate language. Not necessarily completely “politically correct”, but still we can watch what we say.

We get into the habit of doing little things for others–opening doors, lifting bags, buying a coffee.

We vent our opinions and emotions typing a social media post–and then delete it before we hit “send”.

Notice, decency begins with us.

It can be contagious.

Maybe, like Arlo Guthrie sang about Alice’s Restaurant, Yes, it can become a movement, the Alice’s Restaurant Massacree Movement. Just imagine it…

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