Sitting at the coffee house, working, minding my own business, when a guy I know comes in. He introduces me to his friend. Then he asks if I’ve heard of an organization writing a book that reconciles science and the Bible.

So I quipped that that project would be interesting because they talk about two different things. I probably quipped something like, “That would be like comparing apples and aardvarks.”

The guy’s friend says, “That’s all worthless. Science is all opinions. I don’t trust any man’s opinions.”

Whoa! As one trained in the scientific method, I caught myself starting to teach a remedial science class to a guy who obviously slept through his original one. Shifting gears, I said that there are many opinions of people in and about the Bible. He started to object. I brought up the book called the Revelation of John. There are many opinions about that writing. Start with the premillennialists, postmillennialists, amillennialists. And then add other interpretations and opinions.

He said, you have it all wrong. It’s not the Revelation of John. It’s the Revelation of Jesus.


It’s like when I was thinking about what critter was eating my green tomatoes. I had seen a groundhog (woodchuck) in the yard. I consulted with Dr. Google (well, actually Professor Bing, and yes, I know I should use DuckDuckGo). One Website was full of opinions of I think this and I think that. Then there was a video on YouTube that showed a groundhog eating green tomatoes on the vine.

The guy was partly correct. Experience trumps opinion. I have experienced the spirit revealed in the Bible. I’ve experienced the knowledge based on the scientific knowledge.

Few things are either/or. Sometimes both/and is a better approach. Except when it’s neither–search for the Third Way.

Me? I suggested to the German Shepherd next door that he should be getting the groundhog. He just looked at me. Don’t think he speaks English. Sprechen sie Deutsch? How do you say groundhog in German?

One Response to “Opinions”

  1. industrialnetworks Says:

    “Schnapp das Murmeltier! Fass!!”
    If the German Shepherd is from Bavaria, you may also try: “Schnapp das Mankei!”

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