Opinions Are Merely Opinions

When we hold an opinion with aggression, no matter how valid the opinion may be, we are adding to the total aggression of the world.

Sometimes opinion merged with aggressions leaves us open to the spirit of evil.

Perhaps we don’t believe in the spirit of evil. We can believe what we want, but it does exist.

And sometimes that spirit of evil fills our minds and hearts. And we pick up weapons and begin acting out our aggression against those of whom our opinion tells us are hurting us.

People who practice nonaggression spread peace. The era unfolding before us invites us to be open to the spirit of nonaggression and peace.

One Response to “Opinions Are Merely Opinions”

  1. teepeesandtents Says:

    Acts of aggression are so self-defeating and may not affect the person they are directed at as much as thought. Thanks for the post..

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