The Hands of God

Martin Buber was a Jewish philosopher and one of my early mentors through his books introducing me to the contemplative life.

He said once, “God’s grace consists precisely in this, that he wants to let himself be won by humanity, that he places himself, so to speak, into human hands. God wants to come to his world, but he wants to come to it through men and women. This is the mystery of our existence, the superhuman chance of humankind.

A saying becoming popular in certain evangelical circles challenges people to “become the hands and feet of Jesus.”

We are challenged to pause and look at what we have done over the past day, week, month, year.

What is it that we have done that brought God into the world?

What will we do today to bring God into the world?

We remember the words of Jesus, whatever you have done for the least of these, my brothers, you have done for me.

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