This Is Going To Tick Some People Off

Thus began the social media post–This is going to tick some people off, but….

What a great place for a pause.

Before continuing, a moment of awareness.

Why would I continue to write something to intentionally upset other people?

As a Christian person, especially, why do something like that?

Check out the advice of the apostle Peter in his first letter who expressly advises against such behavior. “Conduct yourselves honorably among the Gentiles…”

You could plead freedom of speech.

But the free speech movement from the late 18th Century presupposed rational and responsible discourse. Definitely not the volleying of inflammatory opinions back and forth like cannon fire in a 19th Century battle.

A pause for the rise of awareness of myself and how I affect others is often called for.

Of course, you could be like a friend who followed the “but” with “I put pineapple on pizza.” Now that’s just simply gross, not offensive. And yes, the pepperoni (sorry those of you in Italy, that’s an American attempt at being Italian) and mushroom fans rose up in rebellion!

And sometimes a good laugh, or even just a chuckle, is the right response.

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