Grace That Reaches Out

I spend very little time scrolling through Facebook any more. Recently I saw one of those picture things that pass around instead of personal updates. Upon reflection, I sensed that here was an opportunity to refer to both AC/DC and Led Zeppelin in the same blog post on spirituality.

Someone compared “Highway to Hell” and “Stairway to Heaven” to the relative traffic toward those two destinations.

It’s supposed to bring a knowing chuckle to the “saved”.

But let’s reflect for a moment.

Why should we get satisfaction that we are on the stairway while the majority of God’s children are on the highway?

Should not we instead pray for God’s grace on all of these people?

I also have a feeling that many of people that one group would assume to be on the highway actually feel the same way in reverse.

Think of Jesus’ time. There were two groups–Pharisees and “tax collectors and sinners”.

The Pharisees thought they were the chosen few for the stairway (metaphorically speaking). Jesus never let an opportunity to poke at them pass. He, instead, hung out with the sinners and tax collectors.

Yes, I think instead of delight that our side is on the stairway while all those not like us–the majority–are on the downward highway, we should feel sadness and remorse and pray for God’s grace upon those of us with prideful thoughts and upon all who need it. That would be everyone.

I thought of ways we could pray:

God, please have grace upon all sinners. (That would include the prayer!)

God, please cure me of a vengeful and vindictive heart. Instead fill it with grace.

God, cure me of the pride in thinking that I’m on the stairway when it’s possible I’m not.

God, heal us from the taking joy in others’ misfortunes.

John Fischer teaches “Grace turned outward”. That’s a great thought. And an even better practice. Grace is not something to be hoarded within our small groups. It is something to share with the world.

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