Quick To Voice Opinion, Often Wrong

“Christianity Under Attack!” Thus screamed a Tweet yesterday.

Like most of the Western world and anyone who has visited Paris, I watched pictures stream across my screen of the devastating fire in the Notre Dame with deep feelings of shock and sadness.

I read where the fire chief of Paris was still determining the cause. A good chance a spark from renovation construction work ignited the ancient wooden beams. But, who knows?

So where did that Tweet originate? And others similar–many of which dredged up memories of 9/11?

But I pondered, why rush so quickly to judgement when we know nothing?

A human failing, that is. (To channel my inner Yoda.)

I’m sure we all have been guilty at some point. We look at a person and judge them only to discover when we actually meet them that they are entirely different.

Maybe it’s just my personality type versus other personality types? Or maybe we of all personality types need to practice the habit of pausing, breathing, considering before spreading hype on our social media platform of choice.

And I see by the morning news that 1) officials are still searching for a cause and 2) $300 million has already been pledged to restore the building and 3) much artwork and relics were saved.

Still, I’m left with shock and sadness at the loss. As, I am sure, are many millions.

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