Concern Yourself With Changing Yourself

Sitting in meditation the thought visited me. A remembrance, really. A time when some well meaning people promoted the idea of a Meditation Day wherein every person in the world who meditates would meditate at exactly the same time. The power of all these “spiritual vibrations” would change the world.

Maybe I even participated.

Problem is that you don’t meditate to save the world. You meditate to change you.

The next thought that visited me was how often we concern ourselves with changing others. By force, if we must.

Take a scan of world news. Examples of people of one religion (or an anti-religion which is sort of a religion) seeking to control, change, or even eradicate those of another.

Ah, the lust for power and control. Ego and pride. It’s everywhere.

When the whole point is changing ourselves. And by changing ourselves, we show others a path to God.

I once shared a quote from the German poet Thomas Mann to engineers. They took it literally, of course. But this is a metaphor for our spiritual lives and attitudes:

If everyone swept in front of their own door, then the whole world would be clean.

Meditate on that.

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