Over-Informed Yet Under-Reflective

How often do you update your news source. In the course of my lifetime, it has gone from daily newspaper and nightly TV news to every five minutes.

And we can go from getting emotionally upset twice a day to continuously every waking minute.

Only a century ago, it was much less. You might get one news update. And you might think about it and sit and discuss with family and friends.

Before that, humans had time to sit in the evenings and contemplate the stars. And think.

We have become the most over-informed and under-reflective society in the entire history of humans.

It is time to mindfully slow our news intake. Instead of continually being in reaction mode, it’s time we devoted some time to reflecting and meditating. Maybe we might even quit being so manipulated by others trying purposely to stir things up.

At least become aware of what others–politicians and businesses–are doing trying to capture our attention and money.

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