Travel For Spiritual Development

Travel broadens your outlook in ways impossible to accomplish otherwise. I remain so sad for people who never travel outside of their self-appointed boundaries.

Last week we traveled the Columbia River from its mouth inland to the Snake River and ended in Lewiston, Idaho. I crossed two states off my list of “never-visited”–Oregon and Idaho. Now I only have four left. Business will probably never take me to Alabama (although I almost went to a conference there), Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I guess I’ll just have to be intentional about a long road trip someday. Then there’s Vermont.

Travel broadens, but only if you go for experiences, and meet people, and open your mind. It is the reflecting on the experiences that deepen you spiritually.

The Lewis & Clark expedition of discovery was one theme. I thought I already knew a lot, but there is always more to learn in life. The other theme was salmon–a fish I really don’t care to eat.

You can’t escape the trip without an understanding of the complex interplay of natural resources and the cultures. I knew nothing of the Nez Perce nation until this trip.

From their story I was again reminded of the imperfections of our story and the wrongs we perpetrated either from fear or hubris (sometimes opposite sides of the same coin).

It was a week of experiences to meditate upon for some time to come.

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