Finding Fear

There exist people who see their job in life to seek out things and people to fear. Not content to just seek people groups to fear, they must spread the fear as far as possible.

Fear breeds hatred.

We must cultivate the awareness to discern which are the true things to fear and which are merely in the minds and guts of those spreading hate and fear.

Reflective experience and education help us individually toward discernment. We can see when someone has been bamboozled and tune them out.

This need for discernment is ancient in humans. That’s why the fable of Chicken Little preaching “the sky is falling” was created. It spoke to the need to seek out the wise.

We can find fear everywhere. And along with that, we can find groups of people to hate. This feeling and those actions are everywhere in the world today.

Our spiritual practice of this age is intentionally developing awareness and discernment. Start with a breath.

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