Day for Women

I’m going on hearsay, but I’m told this is International Women’s Day. I knew it was coming, because PR people have been calling for a couple of weeks offering interviews with women engineers (my other blog focuses on technology).

So last week, I interviewed a woman with an MIT PhD who is Chief Technology Officer for a semiconductor company. This week, I interviewed a woman who is a high level cybersecurity leader with a major technology company.

Yet, I am distressed.

We’ve had more than 50 years of “women’s liberation” (showing my age), yet, society still has this problem.

A leading evangelical preacher disappears from the public stage due to his abusive relationship with women close to him. Heck, even the Southern Baptists, that bastion of moral rectitude, are wrestling with the sudden publicity of abuse of women by male clergy.

We can look to many sources for inspiration, but Jesus is a good place to start. A careful reading of his life reveals that he had women disciples. That was extraordinary. Revolutionary. He consistently treated women as, well, human.

It blows my mind that we haven’t learned the lesson some 2,000 years later. Even among men who claim to be following him.

Maybe we can someday have a day that just celebrates humans…all humans.

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