Whom Do You Trust

“Can I trust you?” the new church member asked her pastor.

Was this guy going to feed her false teachings to simply enhance his own status?

“No,” he replied.


But, he then laid out a Bible study plan and a spiritual practice of study so that she could truly be a disciple (learner) on her own, but guided.

That is so wise. Jesus didn’t tell us to make puppets in our own image. He told us to make disciples–of his.

When you simply pass along memes on social media without thinking, whose disciple are you? Did you think through issues before reading that stuff? Or, are you a puppet of someone else whose aim is to simply get you all fired up? And by the way, spending more time on that social media platform so that that company can extract even more attention and data from you?

My preferred practice of helping someone who has a problem with their computer is to have them put their hands on the mouse and do their own clicking. The muscle memory and experience sets them free.

Similarly, teaching someone how to study and how to meditate and how to think sets them free rather than creating a puppet that simply reflects the teacher.

One Response to “Whom Do You Trust”

  1. Emily Wilson Says:

    Thank you for identifying memes on social media. I have reduced my time on Facebook because of endless memes from people who are well meaning, but I am tired of religious feelings and ideas being reduced to catchy phrases and cutesy sayings or just pushing a specific Bible verse with no context whatsoever.

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