Remaining Calm

“I use an app to help calm me. I bought a lifetime subscription for $70.”

Her friend remarks, “Well, paying once for a lifetime certainly removes the stress of monthly payments.”

They had just asked why I missed an interview with one of the top four officers of a multi-billion dollar corporation to learn how he was using technology to transform the company and perhaps the industry. It was a big opportunity.

There was just one thing–no one contacted me about the meeting.

I could have reacted in anger. Or with any one of several emotions.

But, things happen. Someone dropped a ball. Or the technology of emails or messaging failed. People who don’t know me misspell my last name by dropping the “n”. What good comes from screaming and blaming?

It took me years to go from quick temper to calm. It isn’t easy. I didn’t have an app.

But as I described to one of my colleagues also at this conference, meditation physically changes your brain. It causes changes in outlook.

It does not work immediately. It takes practice and discipline.

Indeed, it is truly one of the spiritual disciplines–whether you “believe” in the same God as me or follow some other path.

2 Responses to “Remaining Calm”

  1. teepeesandtents Says:

    Thanks for your post! A good prayer/meditation is to focus gently and inwardly on the heart. When individuals first try this they sometimes go off to sleep. It can actually be done continually all through the day. There are so many distractions and annoyances in modern life.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Thanks. If you go to sleep while meditating, it may be the best sleep you’ve had for a while. There are many examples of mystics who have written about a life of constant meditation. The Way of the Pilgrim and Brother Lawrence, for example.

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