Are we all so uptight all the time?

Ready to take offense at the slightest word even taken out of context?

Far be it from me to defend our current President. But he used a common phrase used to describe an investigation you don’t like. It’s a “witch hunt”, he said.

Guess what group of people is now grievously offended? Witches, of course.

I keep returning to James’ advice (Jesus’ brother, one of whose letters survived into the Bible).

You must remember this, let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness.

Let me help. How are you doing on the Relaxation (478) Breath? Practice twice a day at least. Calm down. Seek perspective.

  • Sit, lay, or stand. If sitting or standing, do not slouch.
  • Inhale through nose and count to 4 (your own pace, gradually slowing with practice).
  • Hold breath for count of 7 (same pace as inhale).
  • Exhale through the mouth and count 8.
  • Rest briefly.
  • Repeat for four cycles.

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