One thing I like about December. My early morning study and meditation in the living room with only the Christmas tree for illumination. My wife lovingly hangs about a thousand ornaments on the tree. But I like the light.

I remember the great anticipation of Christmas as a child. But it was more about Santa Claus than Jesus.

Jesus was there–the annual church Christmas play or the times we did a live nativity or the Carols.

So much “Christmas music” we hear today is more about the season than Jesus.

I’m not knocking it. It brings joy to many.

Then there are the misconceptions of the Christmas story from the Gospels.

Jesus wasn’t born on December 25.

There was no motel. It was someone’s house–probably a relative.

The number of Magi (wise men) was most likely not equal to three. (Nice song, though.)

But Jesus was born. He did teach and heal. He did die and return to life. Despite all the ornamentation humans have put around his birth and life, I like the light.

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