We are waiting for Christmas.

The anticipation begins sometime about 30 days before.

It’s hard to maintain focus for 30 days.

It’s hard to maintain focus this morning.

I sat down with a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey and a cup of coffee. Noticed that WordPress had issued an update. It requested that I update my other site. So, my focus changed. Is this site updated? Have they changed the editor here? What do I need to do?

30 minutes later…oh, yes, focus on writing.

When I have trouble focusing for 30 seconds, how can I expect to maintain an active watchful focus for 30 days?

A trail of reminders throughout the day helps. Maybe that’s the purpose of placing stuff around the house. A tree here, nativity set there, colored lights, candles. Reminders…oh, yeah, focus on the person, the baby.

Now, where did I put my coffee?

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