Do Not Be Like This

Some say practicing the spiritual disciplines becomes an end in itself. You read, pray, meditate, go to church, and the like simply by rote repetition.

Simply reading spiritual writings will be beneficial even if it is just something you do for 15-30 minutes every morning.

Simply pausing to reflect in quiet is beneficial even if on some days or seasons “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.”

Joining with others is helpful even if it is just a weekly routine.

We know that feelings follow action. We can act our way out of bad moods and habits.

Worse is the person who follows a practice and then becomes increasingly prideful about it.

Like Jesus’ story about people who pray where they can be readily seen or fasting and doing it so everyone notices–pride is an insidious enemy. It sneaks in among the good works and destroys what it touches.

Pride is like the weeds in the parable of the sower where good seed falls among them and get choked to death as they grow.

Don’t be that person.

Practice simply and in solitude. Keep in the routine. Some days will be dry. Some days will overflow in spiritual blessing.

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