Linking Breath and Spirit

Pneuma–a Classical Greek word meaning breath. We still use it in words such as pneumatics–using air as a force to control an actuator in a machine, for example. Ancient people used the same word in a different context to mean spirit or soul.

Breath links physical being with spiritual being. Especially so when breathing with intention.

There is a type of breath that assists physical exertion.

There are several types of breathing that slow our body and mind bringing relaxation. Finding moments of pause and relaxation in this season of Christmas gift buying, parties, gatherings, stresses.

Try this Relaxing Breath exercise.

Almost any posture works. Best is sitting not slouched. Upright but not stiff.

  • Inhale through the nose and count silently to 4.
  • Hold your breath for a count of 7.
  • Exhale through your mouth for a count of 8.
  • Repeat for 4 cycles.
  • Try to intentionally stop and do this twice a day.

It does not matter how fast you count. Slower is better, but don’t stress over it (after all, we are trying to relax, right).

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