Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast

The Apostle Paul talked about the importance of training often. His analogy was to athletic training, which he applied to training in spiritual disciplines or practices.

You wonder sometimes if he were an athlete in his youth. He had physical stamina throughout his life in addition to his frequent sports analogies.

He told his protege Timothy one time “more important than physical training is training in godliness [Eusebia].”

Some people look for shortcuts to training. Isn’t there a magic pill I can take that will get me to physically and spiritually fit?

No. Such an elixir does not exist.

Some think they can rush through the training. What takes others 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert they will do in a week.

But results do not follow. It’s too easy to quit.

Life is a paradox. One paradox applies here.

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

Slow down. Smooth out the practices. One day you step back and evaluate discovering far more progress than you might have anticipated.

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