You Mean I Have To Use The Tools

Tony Robbins told a story about a friend who owns a gym.

He sees people join the gym. They get dressed and show up many times each week. They stand amongst the equipment. They take selfies of themselves and the equipment. They leave.

These people never use the equipment. They just have a need to show their followers on social media that they were there.

You mean that we can’t just look at the exercise machine and become fit????

A guy at my gym told me yesterday about a couple who invited their pastor for dinner. Following a nice dinner and conversation, the pastor left. As the couple finished cleaning, the woman noticed that a spoon was missing from the pastor’s place setting. “Did he take the spoon?” they wondered.

About a year later, they invited the pastor for another dinner. During dinner, the wife quietly noted that they were missing a spoon from last year’s dinner. “You didn’t happen to take it with you?” she asked.

He smiled. “While you and your husband were busy in the kitchen, I placed the spoon in your Bible,” he said.

We have many great books. We have meditation apps for our smart phones. We have prayer guides. We have myriad opportunities to serve.

But we must actually do the work.

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