His Heart Just Was (or wasn’t) In It

I stand at the beginning of the trail staring down the mile-long stretch that starts the run. I just don’t feel like running that opening mile. My heart just isn’t in it today. That’s the phrase we use.

I blow the whistle for the kickoff. The next hour is devoted to chasing soccer players around the pitch. Even for 12-year-olds I’m running the equivalent of a 5K. Didn’t even notice it. My heart was in it.

The middle of the Sermon on the Mount contains some of Jesus’s teachings on the heart. It is the attitude with which we give. The attitude with which we pray. The attitude with which we serve.

God looks at the condition of our hearts. He sees whether our heart is in it or not.

It is better for us, and better for the world around us, if our heart is in it.

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