We Can Be Too Trusting

Marcus Aurelius was a philosopher. He probed into the depths of his motivations. He was a Stoic. He was also Emperor of Rome.

He also had a flaw that almost cost him his life. He was too trusting.

His first response was to trust people. He assumed that they had the same goodness and kindness as he. Yet, he was constantly betrayed. He wife, his brother, his son, his general.

My first response is to trust when I meet people. Maybe within certain contexts I would be wary, but in general that is I. And…this tendency to believe people good has led me astray on occasion or cost me money or emotional grief.

I also know people whose first response to others is distrust. They are cynical and distrustful people. I have observed them.

I’d rather be me. Maybe with a better dose of realism. Because many people are like the second type.

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