Try Easy

Try easy.

The motivational, self-help guru market is saturated with now-wealthy people who travel from conference to conference motivating people with their (sort of) unique take on pop psychology and quips.

They are all following in the footsteps, and often just repeating, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale. For the record, I grew to love Nightingale’s teaching and research.

The first one I ever heard was in 1976. It was at a management conference. This guy wasn’t famous. Even then. But he was a good speaker. He introduced me to DayTimers for productivity.

His message to these alpha males was, “Try easy.” Think of this…that was 42 years ago, and I still remember.

He motivated us to achieve. But not to over stress our lives on the way to a heart attack rather than achievement.

This week became a sort of personal productivity week in writing.

I thought I’d leave you with this thought. Do the “try” part. For which he meant get up and work. But also do the “easy part. Tackle things. Take breaks. Eliminate the negative stress. In the immortal words of The Eagles, “Take it easy.”

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