Striving For Right

Companies pay large amounts of money to consultants to help them define a vision statement that describes the company and its mission.

We also as individuals can have a vision that describes what we wish to be.

Jesus gave us an idea for such a vision for our lives. In his sermon on the mount he stated, “Strive first for the dominion of God.” In other words, we would be wise to choose to live in such a way as to be pleasing to God.

Just prior to this, he told three little stories contrasting people who do things with great publicity.

There are those who do good deeds only when there is a great deal of publicity at stake, or they give money in such a way that their publicists can get it recorded in important media, or they pray with many and beautiful words just where there are many people to notice.

For these, Jesus says they already have their reward.

Then there those who quietly do acts of kindness and generosity as a matter of course. When they pray, they do it quietly in private.

These people God will richly reward.

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