We can’t focus on the next activity. We may have decided to tackle this activity. But we worked on it the day before. And the day before that.

It will never get done. I can’t do this. We tell ourselves the worst stories about our ineptitude. We are not smart enough. We don’t have the resources. It’s too much.

We are trying to understand a book we are reading. We are lost. But we look just at one paragraph. It’s too obtuse. I’m lost. Then I notice a key sentence. There is one word in the sentence. I study that one word. What does it mean in various contexts? What is this context? Oh, I see.

My next action is actually too broad.

Maybe the next action is in reality many next actions.

We list the steps to solve that next action.

Then we tackle one step at a time.

One by one. One word. One step. We focus. We understand. We accomplish.

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