Finding the Source

I was jogging along Tawawa Creek yesterday. The creek held a mere trickle of water within its 20 feet of width. Only a few days ago, the creek bed was filled with a few feet of rapidly flowing water bubbling over the rocks and downed trees.

How like our emotional and spiritual lives.

Sometimes we are filled with passion–maybe good or maybe anger. This creek is fed by rains. The rains come and then sometimes don’t return for days or even weeks.

Sometimes our emotions are aroused with either anger or love and we are full to overflowing. And those around us are exposed to our abundance.

But then the source runs dry. And we retreat.

Some streams are fed by springs whose source is deep in the earth. These streams flow with a more constant volume.

When we feed our spiritual life through the disciplines of meditation, prayer, and study, we are tapping into the deep spiritual springs of God. We can maintain a consistent flow of the spirit. We are not dashed about on the rocks, but rather navigate with assurance through the vicissitudes life.

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