Responsibility As A Spiritual Discipline

When we speak (or write), we have a responsibility to not cause harm to others. We have a responsibility to not spread lies, slander, unfounded rumors, hate.

The basic problem of the Internet, broadened into social media, is the ability to easily spread these things because something arouses our base emotions, and “click”, there goes another post.

I often advise that we carefully cultivate what we bring into our awareness.

Often when we click on things, we are spreading someone’s agenda. Maybe even someone that we don’t wish to promote.

On the other hand, many sources out there in the wild Internet try to sucker us into reading and clicking. Maybe their agenda is collecting information about us and even our email address. Why? So we can be sold to.

I did a part of my career in business-to-business magazines. Over the past 20 years, the entire marketing proposition has moved from advertising (for awareness) to lead generation. Lead gen is all about harvesting email addresses (and sometimes addresses and phone numbers) so that marketers can send you a flood of emails. And other people can sell your email address to still other marketers.

This blog is not a commercial blog. My business blog is commercial. I have three advertisers at this time. I appreciate every one of them. They pay my bills. I don’t collect any information from visitors to my site or email addresses from anyone who clicks on an ad. The advertisers are happy that a few hundred people each month do click on the ad in order to get more information. (I have a niche technology site, not a major news or consumer tech site.) Their Website is a chance to sell something to someone who needs their product.

But beware the “click bait” even found on reputable sites. “10 Ways To…”, or “8 Things That Will Reduce Body Fat…”, or “Guess what the Kardashians did this time…”.

It is so easy to get enticed into other people’s agendas. Develop the spiritual disciplines of awareness of what goes into our minds and what comes out of them.

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