Appoint Leaders Who Are Humble And Not Avaricious

Reading in The Didache, “Therefore appoint for yourselves bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord, men who are humble and not avaricious and true and approved, for they too carry out for you the ministry of the prophets and teachers.”

This text is almost as old as the letters of Paul. It recognizes that the new group can choose its own leaders. And it recognizes the importance of choosing people with the right character.

Sometimes we forget this maxim and choose leaders who charm us forgetting the humble and not avaricious parts.

Sometimes people change when they become leaders. Part of character we never saw, and perhaps that they themselves never realized, creep out of the psyche and begin to exhibit themselves.

Give someone a little power and look what happens to them is a comment heard far too often in organizations–marketplace and church.

It’s easy to point to the failings of leaders. Of those who violate the trust given them. Of those whose characters are not as strong as we believed when we chose them.

However, how often do each of us stray from that “humble and not avaricious” part? We stop holding up leaders to the standard; but we also stop holding ourselves up to the standard of character. Sometimes we’re all in this together.

We must hold our leaders–bishops and deacons and whatever else–accountable for character. We must look into that mental mirror in meditation and hold ourselves accountable. Evaluating at the end of each day where we were the sort of person we aimed to be and where our aim was off the mark.

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