Watch Out For Your Tongue (and Fingers)

Our mentor, James, brother of Jesus and author of one letter that we still have, advised us to watch out for our tongue. If he knew about keyboards and social media, he’d no doubt include your fingers.

You know the person from elementary (grammar) school. The person who says pointed and even hateful things about someone else thinking they are funny. Sadly, they are not. But they get a following from those who pray that they won’t become a target.

Today’s political climate in many countries breeds the popularity of such people broadly. And across the political spectrum.

It matters not what “side” you’re on, there is no excuse for hateful speech. The First Amendment, which I adore, gives us “freedom of speech” but it does not absolve us from responsibility. You could also check what the writers of the constitution and the first 10 amendments (the Bill of Rights, in case you forgot) wrote in the Federalist Papers. But consider also the words of James.

Shall we follow our good guide, James, and be responsible in our speech?

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