When Your Eyes Open

Being observant may not always be a good thing. Especially when you are in Las Vegas.

I’m here for a tech conference. Pure geek, I’m not a gambler and the machines and tables have no appeal to me. I’m also probably not headed out to one of the many shows featuring naked women. Purely boring, I go to the conference sessions, write, eat, and sleep.


It has been now 40 years since my first conference experience in Las Vegas. The morning of the second day as I was chatting with the corporate HR director, he said, “Wow, did you see all the prostitutes out last night?” I thought, “What prostitutes?” Oh, so naive was this country boy.

Yesterday, I’m heading down to the convention center. Elevator door opens. There is an older, scruffy looking guy with a cowboy hat. There are also two Asian women with him. I quickly surmised that they were not old friends…shall we say.

We stop at another floor and a woman enters. She glances around and smiles at me. Knowingly.

I’m hoping that she isn’t thinking that I’m part of that group.

I observe things and try to draw out some sort of discipline. But sometimes it’s just human nature I observe. And I have a flash of understanding of rural Midwesterners like me who don’t live with such a diverse population of people.

It’s fascinating. But again, there are so many people who are lost and trying to find a way in life. And so few people to love and help them.

That is the refreshing thing about the company whose conference I’m attending–Dell Technologies. When the chairman/CEO whose name is in the company name devotes time during his keynote to turn the spotlight on the company’s devotion to diversity, and to the many human needs solved by people using Dell technology, you can find reason for optimism.

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