To Your Health

Want to be a healthier you? Try these habits to make your body an acceptable temple for the spirit.

Walk–turns out the 10,000 steps thing is for real according to recent research. Get up and go.

Sleep–maybe eight hours for most people, maybe a little more or a little less. Your body rebuilds and refreshes during sleep. It is a must have for stress control, too. A nap in the early afternoon has also been proven a good thing. Kindergarten teachers may be on to something.

Sun Salutations–this Yoga flow series provides a full rotation of the joints and an activation of just about all muscles. There is a reason ancient Yogis recommend 12 to greet the sun daily. Check out YouTube for instructions. Start slowly. If one is tough, then one is plenty to begin with.

Full squat–Try this, with both feet flat on the ground, squat all the way down to almost sitting. Hold this for 10 breaths or more. Can’t do it? That means you need to practice (see yesterday’s post on practice). This not only gives range of motion to the knees and hips, it stretches out hips and aligns the sacroiliac and back. Good for things that ail you.

Handle stress–take a news fast, reduce the stress hormone cortisol by finishing a shower with up to two minutes of a cold shower, meditate.

Drink water–also green tea, some coffee, maybe a glass of red wine a day (but not before bed time–see item two).

[If you live near Sidney, take a Yoga class from me or my wife. We have testimonials from many people about the benefits of regular Yoga practice.]

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