Turning Expectations Into Gratitude

We ran to the Christmas Tree early Christmas morning expecting a wealth of toys.

Now trained, we continue to be trained through ceaseless advertisements and commercial messages. Even within TV shows and movies are subtle and not-so-subtle messages from advertisers.

We marry. As Andy Stanley has been walking us through he current series of message he explains how we bring a box of expectations into relationship. We expect our spouse to fulfill those expectations. It’s Christmas all over again.

I’m in a hotel room for the fifth straight week (only three on business, though). Sometimes my expectation is free WiFi and a mediocre cup of coffee!

Perhaps we would live a better life if we exchanged our expectations for gratitude.

Instead of the disappointment of not getting what we expected at Christmas, gratitude for what we did received–plus for a family with whom to celebrate.

Instead of frustration about a spouse and shock of discovering that they also brought a box of expectations that we are supposed to fulfill, gratitude at having a relationship at all. Some of us don’t deserve what we got. Be grateful.

Instead of a world where politics seems insane and people are angry all the time, gratitude that it is God’s world and for people who are helpful and kind and loving.

Ah, gratitude for that great cup of coffee–well, not exactly great, but it is coffee. And it’s 5:30 am, and I’m meeting people at 7 to go to a 7:15 meeting. And I’m grateful for that coffee!

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