It’s A Book of Cool Stories

Stories, I said.

Stories? He replied.

I was explaining about beginning the study of the Book of Acts of the Apostles. I told the man who was somewhat new to study that it is a book of cool stories.

Like the married couple who decided to lie to their friends in the church, to the leaders, and to God. They wanted to look good to the people, but they were greedy and wanted to keep some of the money back for themselves.

They lied to God. He struck them dead on the spot.

There is drama for you.

Or three quick stories about Philip–an important guy we otherwise never hear about. In one, he has a conversation with a Samaritan town. In another he discusses Scripture and Jesus with a black man who is sexually incomplete. Not your typical Jewish stories. Many were healed, converted, baptized.

Lots of stories about Paul. Intrigue, danger, escape. Friends, hope, lives changed.

How does our story fit?

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