Adaptability Breeds Strength

We had this little spring-time rhyme when we were young, “March winds bring April showers; April showers bring May flowers.”

This year, the winds came in February. As did the showers. The flowers? Looks like many will be March.

I bought a nice larger size snow blower. We have a driveway and live on a corner lot with lots of sidewalk. We had been visited by a few heavier snows that did my littler snow blower in. Last year I never started it. This year–once. At least so far.

Weather patterns change. Now the snow visits about 100 miles to the south that used to visit us.

Many of us grew up in small towns. Then there was a great migration to the cities. People in rural areas and people in cities have different views of the world. And now in many countries of the world, the views have shifted toward the city view from the rural view.

This is all neither good nor bad. It just is.

The question is, how do we deal with it?

Anger? Despair? Resentment? Many choose this path.

Anticipation? Embrace the change? Excitement? Others choose this path.

People who study people scientifically have concluded that adaptability increases a person’s chances for success in life.

Good leaders adapt to changing circumstances and adjust accordingly.

People adapt to changing circumstances and learn how to live and thrive in them. For thousands of years farmers have learned to adapt to changing technologies and changing weather patterns–or they have gone hungry.

There was great spiritual yearning a couple of thousand years ago among the people in the ancient eastern Mediterranean. Then came a rough looking guy named John followed immediately by a different kind of guy named Jesus. People who adapted to the new spiritual direction thrived–maybe not always physically but definitely spiritually.

How are we adapting today?

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