Am I an Evangelical

I’ve noticed a shift in terminology using the word evangelical in news accounts of groups of Christian believers. Then I heard a speaker from Sunday talk about what it means to be an evangelical. Except he didn’t explain. He just mentioned he had studied it.

I thought it was a term rooted in the New Testament referring to spreading the “good news”, euangelium or evangelium.

I thought, how about doing a little research before writing this post.

Well, some time later after a deep dive into Wikipedia and other sources…I have no clue. The term sort of started in the 16th century. Then was adapted in 1731. Then again in the 1800s.

In the 1970s, I joined a loosely organized group, Evangelicals for Social Action–a group that said “What if Jesus really meant what he said?”

I still like that attitude.

Evangelical seems to be a rebranding of the older term “fundamentalist” these days, most often referring to those with a conservative political bias. That leaves me out.

The Good News is that Jesus lived, died, and resurrected. It is also that we follow Jesus as a disciple follows a master. We try to do what he said and live like he lived.

I think I will just give up on whatever the meaning du jour is and just be a follower of Jesus. Sounds simpler. Maybe he really did mean what he said and meant for us to live that life!

One Response to “Am I an Evangelical”

  1. C. Kenna Amos Says:

    “Evangelist” appears twice in the New Testament.

    From Vine’s Expository Dictionary:

    lit., “a messenger of good” (eu, “well,” angelos, “a messenger”), denotes a “preacher of the Gospel,” Act 21:8; Eph 4:11, which makes clear the distinctiveness of the function in the churches; 2Ti 4:5. Cp. euangelizo, “to proclaim glad tidings,” and euangelion, “good news, gospel.” Missionaries are “evangelists,” as being essentially preachers of the Gospel.

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