“The teapot whistled merrily on the stove.”

I have no idea where I read this sentence. It was during my childhood. I think of it every morning when I’m home.

Typically, I rise at about 5:30, proceed to the kitchen, and (since our Keurig died) filled the teapot with enough water for the morning’s coffee in the French Press.

I begin my morning reading only to be interrupted by that annoying whistling noise emanating from the direction of said teapot.

I am distracted…and annoyed.

There are times I love to work at a coffee shop. The people and conversations and espresso machine provide a welcome sense of society. That is, until one voice stands out–maybe talking too loudly into the mobile phone or one of “those” laughs.

Then, I’m distracted…and annoyed.

This morning, one peaceful morning between flights, trying to find my “normal” routine. I have three devices open on the breakfast bar–laptop, iPad, iPhone. The MacBook Pro did not make the trip to Amsterdam. I want to do my daily writing discipline. But, my latest updates to OmniOutliner from the iPad are not reflected in the file on the MacBook.

Switch into trouble-shooting mode.

Recall my original purpose.

Back to focusing on the One thing. Writing. Thinking.

I had just tried to show my grandson the relationship of thinking and writing. About using a mind map to organize thoughts.

Writing and thinking require focus.

Which requires dissociation from distraction.

Intentionally. Close all devices, but one. Concentrate.

I’ve heard it said that the story of Jesus visiting Martha and Mary where Martha complains about Mary not helping with the cooking is really a story about distraction. In fact, Jesus said, “Martha, you are distracted by many things.”

Eliminate distraction, intentionally focus on what matters at the moment, do better work. Or thinking.

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